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Types of Services
and Payment 

In individual therapy you and I will work together to create goals and process how you would like to achieve these goals. Our work together will be done collaboratively to address your therapeutic needs.  While therapy does not necessarily guarantee that your problems disappear, you will leave therapy better equipped with a new set of skills to better manage your concerns.

$200 Intake

$130 Per Session

Couples seek therapy for their relationship for a number of reasons. Some couples hope to gain a better understanding of one another while others seek couples therapy when struggling with communication or intimacy issues. There are many other reasons a couple may need to engage in couples therapy. Whether you have been married for fifty plus years or are in the early stages of your relationship, couples therapy can be a helpful resource to strengthen your relationship with one another. 

$200 Intake

$150 Per Session

Families are a complex system and within that system each individual holds their own set of values and beliefs. When these values and beliefs do not align distress within the system can occur. Often families come to therapy to address conflict, to resolve communication difficulties, to gain support through life transitions, to process grief, or to gain a better understanding of each individual within the family. Family therapy can be beneficial to repair or strengthen the bonds within your family.

$200 Intake

$150 Per Session

Accepted Payment Methods:

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Cash


Accepted Insurances:

Blue Cross

Blue Shield




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